Our strategy for revolutionizing climate change education is interdisciplinary network collaboration in the discovery, production, and sharing of transformational educational resources for climate action.

NXTerra exists as an institution in order to create solution-oriented Knowledge-Action Networks (KANs) designed to ask questions and get to work answering them.

What are the most effective ways to teach about the unfolding climate crisis? — that question undergirds our Theme on The Climate Crisis.

How do we train our students to fashion new and better approaches to critical sustainability? — that question drives our Theme on Critical Sustainability.

And how do we foster and develop a culture rooted in climate and environmental justice? — that question guides our Theme on Climate Justice Studies.

Finally, what new pedagogical and institutional approaches offer pathways to accomplish all of this? — these questions infuse our Pedagogies and UC-CSU Campuses pages.

Each NXTerra network self-organizes and works collaboratively to observe, reflect on and cultivate best practices for increasing the transformational potential of teaching about the climate crisis, critical sustainability, and climate justice.

We welcome everyone to this space — and we encourage you to get in touch and propose a question, start a network, and start putting your heads, hands, and hearts together with ours.

UC and CSU Educators — Send us your proposal to form a NXTerra Topic Network or to curate a NXTerra Campus Network for your home campus