How to use this site: Introduction

The NXTerra Digital Platform (DP) is an archive of educational resources for educators and students seeking to enrich their courses and educations with an infusion of critical climate change, sustainability, and climate justice materials.

As a teacher, you can turn to NXTerra for ideas, advice, and materials from experts in your own discipline—or browse and search the site for materials from other disciplines to enrich and broaden your own courses through creative synergies.

As an undergraduate or graduate student, NXTerra is a tool for you to enhance your college experience by browsing our resources by theme, topic, or campus, to figure out how you can get involved locally with climate change science, communication, education and policy initiatives already underway at your home campus, or to co-create them with your peers and teachers.

As an administrator or program developer, NXTerra can serve as a place to find models for critical climate and sustainability education and to partner and nurture them with others.

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