The University of California, Santa Barbara hosts and supports a number of component institutions, projects and initiatives that will be of interest to educators seeking to integrate climate change, critical sustainability and climate justice studies into their teaching.

Browse through them here by scrolling down, then follow the links to learn more about what’s happening on this campus.

NXTerra promotes climate-focused hands-on, participatory and service-learning opportunities for teachers and students at all UC-CSU Campuses by collecting and presenting them on on these NXTerra Campus Resource Pages.


EJ/CJ – Environmental & Climate Justice Studies @ UCSB’s Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies


Working to advance scholar-activism across the horizon of globalization, in defense of vulnerable human communities, fragile environments and a just climate future.

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The Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI) at UCSB

The Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI) fosters and consolidates the diverse environmental humanities programing that takes place at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB). This website provides information about our innovative graduate and undergraduate degree programs, courses, faculty, research, campus events, and much more. Begin scrolling down for brief overviews of this programing and links to in-depth material.


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The Climate Hazards Group (CHG) at UCSB

Bringing together multidisciplinary scientists and food security analysts from UC Santa Barbara, Africa and Central America, along with working closely with partners in the US Geological Survey, NASA, and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET), the Climate Hazards team uses climate and hydrologic models, satellite-based earth observations, and socio-economic data sets to predict and monitor droughts and food shortages among the world’s most vulnerable populations, supporting critical planning and timely humanitarian assistance that save lives and livelihoods.

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The Global Climate Justice Project (GCJP) at UCSB

The Global Environmental Justice Project at UCSB is a force for supporting, encouraging, and launching a range of efforts on and off-campus, locally and globally that link research, teaching, service, and action for environmental justice.

Environmental justice is the integration of social justice and human rights with efforts to secure ecological sustainability.

The GEJP supports faculty, students, staff, entrepreneurs, artists, film makers, EJ advocates, and community leaders in their efforts to explore new ideas, questions, and possibilities for studying, learning about, communicating, and promoting environmental justice.

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Our lab is a positive space where a diverse group of students interested in environmental and energy transitions work on many different research projects. We provide active mentorship through weekly research meetings where students present work in progress. We co-author with our students.

We are always looking for new graduate and undergraduate students to join the lab as research assistants. If you are interested in joining the lab, either as a current UCSB student or by applying to a graduate program in political science or Bren, please reach out to Prof. Stokes or Prof. Mildenberger directly, via email.

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The Earth Research Institute at UCSB


The mission of the Earth Research Institute (ERI) is to support research and education in the sciences of our solid, fluid, and living Earth.

Our areas of research comprise Natural Hazards, Human Impacts, Earth System Science, and Earth Evolution.

ERI strives to build upon the existing research strengths of our founding units while fostering new interdisiciplinary collaborations examining how Earth processes affect mankind and how mankind perturbs the Earth.

ENVIRONMENT@UCSB — a hub for environmental news, events, education, research, and outreach at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and in the surrounding community.

Strategic Environmental Communication and Media (SECM) at UCSB’s Brenn School of Environmental Management

We train storytellers, strategic thinkers, and compelling communicators to solve environmental problems through creativity, media, and inspired outreach.


Solve environmental problems through strategic communication

Train environmental professionals to communicate effectively

Enhance social justice & diversity through communication

Create story-based strategies informed by in-depth audience research

Design & conduct media impact studies