Hutner, Heidi. Eco-Grief and Ecofeminism. TEDx Talk. (16:54 minutes) 

Stokes, Per Espen. How to Transform Apocalypse Fatigue into Action on Global Warming. TED Talk. (15:01 minutes)

NOTE:  This short video summarizes Stoknes’ arguments in his book, What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming. It explains the five “D”s that are barriers for us to think about global warming: Distance, Doom, Denial, Dissonance, and iDentity.

Eco-Buoyant! – Elin Kelsey, TedXMonterey Talk.   (13:46 minutes).

NOTE:  Kelsey describes the affective disposition required of us to be prideful and celebratory about the work we do.

Elin Kelsey, Circumnavigating Hope: Chasing Resilience in a World of Environmental ‘Gloom and Doom.’ (30:50 minutes).

NOTE: In her pursuit of stories of solutions, Kelsey finds so many good things happening across the planet.

Josh Fox, dir. How To Let Go of the World and Learn to Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change.

Al Gore,  The Case for Optimism on Climate Change.  (25:21)

Velcrow Ripper, dir. Occupy Love.



Beyond Gloom and Doom: Climate Solutions.  Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.   NOTE:  This web site contains information for students to take action, as well as assignments, videos, and other materials for educators.

Big Planet Big Feels, presented by Sarah Jaquette Ray and Madi Whaley’s podcast,

  • Big Planet Big Feels. (40:25) Climate One; Elin Kelsey podcast interview with Sarah Jaquette Ray on hope, solutions, and the emotions of teaching climate change.

The Good Grief Network (Facebook page). (group posts information on “psychosocial resilience” and events such as workshops).

Inheriting Climate Change: What Will Boomers Leave Behind? Climate One. Podcast episode.

The Next Generations: We Can’t Save the World without ThemGlobal GoalsCast podcast episode.

Climate Cast National Public Radio

For the Wild

Ocean Optimism Project (also on Twitter and Instagram)’s podcast list on climate change.

The Human Face – health and emotions, on 100 Views of Climate Change, SueEllen Campbell’s climate change site at Colorado State University.’s podcast list on climate change