Radical Hope: Inspiring Sustainability Transformations Through our Past — A Group-Sourced Syllabus, developed at the Rachel Carson Center workshop on “Radical Hope,”, July 2017. Read about the workshop here.

Climate Change: From Knowledge to Action.  Stephen Siperstein.  Read about the course here.

Environmental Grief and Anxiety: Building Hope in the Age of Climate Consequences.  Jennifer Atkinson

Ecological Communication, Joshua Barnett.  NOTE: last third focuses on ecological grief/mourning.

Environmental Justice, State Violence and Inequality.  Renee M. Byrd

Activism: A Love Story.  John Foran

Climate Justice Syllabi 2016 – 2019, John Foran

Radical Hope

Climate Change: From Knowledge to Action.  Stephen Siperstein

Syllabus Archive from the Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (categorized by field, including Environmental Studies) 

Activist Self-Care Toolkit.  Madi Whaley and Chaya Zivolich