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Opportunities for Students

Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience: This institute started at UC Irvine, under the leadership of Abigail Reyes, but the UC system supported its scaling out to other UC and CSU campuses. It is now offered at UC Merced and Humboldt State University, and possibly others by the time you read this. See whether your campus offers this, or connect with faculty to help bring it to your campus.

Youth Climate Leaders: leadership program that offers trainings around the world to understand and work on climate change.

UN Youth for Climate Action: opportunities like conferences and internships for engaging in international youth climate action.

Sunrise Movement: a website offering youth networks, actions, trainings, and resources for climate action based on the Sunrise Movement that helped launched the Green New Deal.

California Student Sustainability Coalition: A diverse, college student-led nonprofit pressuring decision-makers in any sector to act on the climate crisis and equitable resiliency in California. Includes an Activist Toolkit, media and press release resources, information about campaigns, and many opportunities to get involved.